Tuesday 22 July 2008

Predatory Chub

Tonight I went down to the Trent, travelling light with just the very basics of gear to try and catch a perch (or maybe a pike!) using lures or spinners. I started off with a medium sized jointed diving plug but after a while with no takes from the pike decided to change to a small spinner for the Perch. Then it was non stop with smallish Perch frequently chasing and bumping the spinner, I managed to land a few with the biggest going to around the pound mark! Then, as I was twitching the spinner along the bottom, the rod was almost pulled from my grip and I thought I had a good pike on! I had to put loads of pressure on to stop it from snagging me into the marginal reeds and after a lively scrap I was well pleased to be pulling a very nice Chub into the landing net! 6 pounds of predatory chub!

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