Sunday 9 November 2008

Turned out nice again

After having a few blank sessions, today I decided to go and have a look at a stretch of the Trent that my mate, Antony Meli had put me on to (See him with his Welsh record tope - Click here) The river was looking a bit rough, about 18 - 24 inches up and racing through the colour of tetley tea! As I made my way upriver, I came to a pikey looking area and after a while without any knocks, I changed to a new lure. Just as I was thinking that I didn't think much to the lures action - Bang! The rod bent around and I'd hooked into a nice lively fish. Just after the pic was taken it absolutely poured it down with rain and I'd left my waterproof jacket in the car, a good 20 minutes walk away, but the fish made it all worthwhile, I walked back to the car along the muddy path, soaked to the skin but with a big smile. As I passed a chap walking his dog he nodded to me and said "Turned out nice again" Yes, I thought, it sure has.

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