Tuesday 10 March 2009

Colwick Country Park

Today I fancied fishing the lakes at Colwick Country Park, they shut the coarse fishing lakes at the end of the week for the closed season so I thought I'd give it a go before they close. This old warrior was the only fish of the day, I almost lost her a couple of times near the net when she made some powerful runs out towards some snags but I managed to stop her and was relieved to finally get the net under her!

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Anonymous said...

I know the water you mean, years since ive fished it but it always has had a Pikey reputation, & i dont mean Gypsies haha..


Trent Piker said...

I usually only fish here once or twice a season, despite its reputation as 'Pikey' I find it quite a hard place to catch, the pike have been fished for a lot and are very weary. (I watched one near my bait through my Polaroid’s) I think it has a pikey reputation because about 30 years ago a 30lb+ fish was caught on fly in the trout lake and the rangers wanted it killed but it ended up in here and was never seen again.

Anonymous said...

I have stood on the bridge over the river/brook bit & seen some super 'water pigs' swimming by in the Summer a few years back.

All i have ever caught there are snags & tree's!! I was spinning, mind you..


Anonymous said...

can somebody pls tel me the best place for pike in winter

jayson08 said...

can somebody tel me the best bait for pike im new to doing pikeing and im still trying to one

Paddy Pike said...

Well in there Trent Piker, That is a reall nice Pike with great markings, I see you looked in on me today, Thanks for your interest, I have just posted, The water you are fishing you said had a thirty that was nearly culled, Bet its children are a good size now, Maybe the Pike you are holding is a daughter Or granddaughter haha, Well done that man, Keep the reports coming,