Tuesday 9 February 2010

Things Might Be Starting To Improve!

First time out fishing today in a while and I fancied a few hours on The Trent but I wasn't sure if it had settled down enough yet after the recent long spell of bad weather, so I went to an area that had some gravel pits adjacent to it so I could drop onto those if the river was too high. I parked up and got my gear out and noticed a pike angler already set up on one of the pits, so I gave him a nod and stopped for a chat. He said he'd already had a couple of Jacks on ledgered dead baits... so hopefully things might be starting to improve. I gave it a good hour on the river, the level and color looked good but there was just a little bit too much flow to fish comfortably. Someone had been down recently and had a chuck around because there were quite a few snagged lures in the overhanging trees and bushes. I tried a few slacker areas but didn't feel very confident so I headed over for a walk around the gravel pits with my lures and I ended the morning with 4 nice Jacks, the biggest was probably around the 7lb mark. No record breakers, but it was nice to be out again getting a bit of a bend in the rod. Things might be starting to improve!


Paddy Pike said...

Well done, 4 Pike this time of year is top fishing, oh the lure in the tree, done it myself a couple of times, even fell in trying to get them back haha,
Keep at it,

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

BS said...

That looks like one of Noodle's..LOL