Tuesday 16 March 2010

It Gets Better

I was back on the local ponds again this morning and had another lovely fish, this one went to over 14lbs. Looks like I'm finally having some better luck! :-)


BS said...

Cracking fish there Daz!

Paddy Pike said...

Do you sell this luck you have haha, Now thats a great Pike, I seem to go to the places they were before they went off spawning, Nice full bodied Pike, And great colours, Well done again,

BS said...

From what you told me earlier, you are lucky to be catching Pike from there..! These 'netting' people have already hit the Colwick Loop, they seem to be getting around. I do hope the EA / Police prosecute the swines!

Trent Piker said...

FALSE ALARM: It now appears that the people I reported for netting the pond were uni students who monitor the water and come round checking every so often... HAHA

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Esox Fever said...

Very nice pike, congratulations!!!!

I like your blog, so here you have a new follower.

Hope to see soon more pike action in here.