Saturday 13 March 2010

Last of the Season

The river season comes to an end this weekend so today I grabbed the chance of a last few hours on The Trent before it closes for 3 months. Conditions were very good but I lost 2 fish before finally getting one in the net, followed by another similar one soon after. Things went quiet so I decided to move to another spot and after a while I had something better putting a good bend in the rod! After a few powerful runs I was pleased to finally slip the net under a great looking fish. When I got home and looked at the photos I realised that this was the same fish I'd caught 2 days earlier, about a mile further along the river!

Click the pics for full size


BS said...

Love the hat! Did you trap any Beaver hahahaha!

Great fish, Pike don't half move around.

Trent Piker said...

HAHAHA... I was wondering if the daft hat would get a comment ;-) Had to take it off after a while, it was far too hot. Mrs piker asked me what do I feed it on ... I said Pike!

BS said...


I have one very similar, it came from Anchor Supplies on the Cattle Market for £6.
Kell was wearing one at Cellars lol! He reminded me of a Grizzly Bear & I couldn't keep a straight face hahaha, he was puzzled at why I was smirking.
They are hot, aren't they! hahahaha!

Paddy Pike said...

What a great catch, Nice blue sky with a few light clouds,The water looks like its eased, The pike on form, "The Hat",
Well done on catching the big girl again, The markings on her chin show its the same fish, Great stuff if they are following you down the river,

BS said...

I had a couple of hours below the 'gates'. Saw a Jack layed up in the shallows near the bank but it ignored my lure. Another chap & his Mrs giving it a go with the lures & he blanked!
A lad on opposite bank fishing for Barbel in the fast water from the Canoe course, messing about lighting a fire (schoolboy) and his alarm screamed & he was in! He hadn't even bothered setting up his landing net, wasn't half a scramble haha! Looked like a nice Barbel from what I could eh?

Trent Piker said...

Cheers Paddy :-) glad the long winter is finally behind us now!

Bazz, That can be a cracking peg on the right day