Wednesday 7 July 2010

All Change This Season

The fishing so far this season has been difficult. Not because of the lack of decent fish but because of people making things awkward. A big stretch of my favourite part of The Trent and some big gravel pits have been taken over by another angling club and the price of the permit has shot up from £16 to £100 so I won't be fishing those parts this year which is a shame because I had spent time getting to know the waters, the depths, snags, fishy areas etc, also there's an industrial area next to another part of The Trent where I've been parking my car for over 20 years now it has suddenly got notices up on every lamp post with threats of wheel clamping and towing! New signs have also gone up on another area of The Trent which used to be day ticket and is now members only and gate locks changed, so I need to explore some new areas, which might not be a bad thing.

Anyway enough of the moaning, I was finally out today for the first time in ages and had three lively pike including a really ugly fish with a duck-billed mouth!


Alex said...

Oh dear dazz, sorry to hear your having a rough time at some decent spots.
aka. MrMakk

BS said...

Odd looking creature!
Difficult one with the wheelclamping... Not like its the City centre, why the parking restrictions?

Trent Piker said...

Ayup Alex, I see you've renewed your Notts Anglers book, good luck mate!

Odd looking creature!
^^^ Yes, I thought it had a lure stuck in its mouth but it was some sort of growth, seemed healthy enough though apart from that.

why the parking restrictions?
^^^ No idea mate, you been out lately?

Paddy Pike said...

Bloody wheel clamping, Its a joke innit, And the pike is looking good for its condition, I dont know how you spell this but its called LYMPHOSARCOMA, Thats how it sounded when Gordy Burton And Matt Affolter were explaining this form of cancer to me, But it will live to a ripe old age, Hope you find somwhere to go Pikeing without all the crap restrictions, Good Luck,