Wednesday 19 October 2011

Finally, Back to the Fishing

Finally! Today I had a visit to The Trent with my lure rod, due to various reasons it was the first time I've been out fishing in almost 4 months!!! and I really quite enjoyed it. The Trent was running low and very clear, not good conditions for pike fishing but I had a wander around and eventually just as I was thinking about wrapping up had this lovely hard fighting pike take my lure. I think I'll have to make more of an effort to get out more often now I have a taste for it again.


Alex said...

good going dazz, it's a shame i can't contact you, my landline is down and my mobile screen is cracked..... I will try and get in touch tomorrow.

Trent Piker said...

Cheers Alex, I sent you a few texts to see if you were coming out with your lures, but no reply. I can lend you an unlocked sony k800i if you want, just need to drop your sim card into it.

Has the postman brought your new rod top section yet?

Alex said...

the rod section hasn't come. the courier thinks he can't find my address..... *plonk* they found it easy enough when the rod first came....... so it's still a waiting game.

as the mobiles, i'll see what I can do.

Paddy Pike said...

Well done Daz,
Good to see you are Blogging again mate, Strange eye on that pike, Must be the way the light is hitting it,
Nice work,

Trent Piker said...

Cheers Paddy, It's been a while but glad to be getting back out there. It's been so long since I last blogged I had to click the 'Forgotten password' button HA!

I think the weird eye on the fish is just from the flash of the camera, probably a little bit too close, I only get 10 seconds from the self take timer, and I could do usually do with a bit longer.

All the best to you