Wednesday 20 June 2012

New Season

The new season is finally here and after weeks with the rivers being in perfect fishing condition they are now high, fast and chocolate brown rough. Even so, I've ventured out a couple of times to The Trent but each time I've ended the day on stillwaters and had a couple of small fish to save the day.

The sun is shining and the river level is finally dropping so I'm hoping to get a decent fish or 2 from The Trent soon. It's been a long closed season!


Alex said...

well in dazz,

nice to see your happy with the river opening again,

Trent Piker said...

Ayup Alex, Yes always good to be on the river, especially if the pike are willing.

Paddy Pike said...

Hi Bazz,
A couple of nice fish with some great markings,