Tuesday 15 October 2013

Finally... Back To The Fishing

Finally, after almost a full year I got my gear together and went out to chuck some lures into the water. On arrival it was nice to see a couple of regulars already fishing and after a quick chat I got my gear set up and was soon back into the swing of things working a few different lures trying to tempt one of the Pike. Things started off very quietly with my lures being retrieved without any provocation to the pike, but then suddenly I was  into my first fish in over a year, a very welcome Jack which pulled the on braid like a fish twice its size. I ended the day with another small fish and stayed quite a bit longer than planned due to having 'one last cast'
Can't wait to get back out again

Oh... don't waste your money on budget tools. I had to snip a treble which was tangled in my net and the cheap crappy cutters could barely snip a size 4 ???

Rubbish Aldi Cutters 

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Lee Fletcher said...

Nice one daz, welcome back.