Tuesday 2 March 2010

Something Different

I didn't fancy my chances of catching today. The Trent was very high and a Tetley brown color but I had a couple of hours free so I had a wander down with my lure rod, you never know!
I don't know where the Pike have disappeared to lately but they weren't interested again today, nothing until this lovely Chub grabbed my lure as I pulled it through a likely looking slack area. I thought at first I had a Jack on but was surprised and didn't complain when I saw the silvery bronze scales of a Chub hit the surface to save me from a blank.

Click the pic for full size


Paddy Pike said...

What a great Chub, Well deserved, Now all the pike are spawning its worth trying your luck with other fish, A top result my friend,

Michael Agneta said...

NICE!!!!! A great consolation for not having luck with the pike.

Trent Piker said...

Cheers lads! Although I've not seen any sign of them spawning yet on The Trent, will probably be sometime soon though, now that the flood level is finally settling down.

BS said...

Nice Chub matey..