Thursday 4 March 2010

A Trent Pike!

Another quick couple of hours back on The Trent again and I was fortunate enough to catch a nice looking Pike today!

Click the pic for full size


Paddy Pike said...

Well done on your catch, Must have been a cool wind going by the teardrop in your eye, I think all us Pikers must be a little bit mad haha, But its so addictive,

Trent Piker said...

HAHA... yes it was cold but the teardrop may have been because I was hoping for something a bit bigger before the end of the season. I agree it definitely helps to be a bit doolally if you're a piker ;-) Any sane person would stay home in the warm!

Anonymous said...

Do you vae any tips for pike/zander fishing around Fiskerton -especially peg number locations and how to go about catching them.



Trent Piker said...

Hi Phil, I've never fished at Fiskerton, I don't really know the area, all I can say is keep moving around until you find them.

Good luck!

joey (The Man) Mackerel said...

hello all

joey (The Man) Mackerel said...

Hello all joey Mackerel the name.... catching is the game... im looking for a fishing buddy must be into fishing kayak, predator adventures ... biggest pike 30lb ...zander to 16lb i fish for everything .... must be a laugh ... but proffesional when fishing ...... if anyone interested put ya name forward .. predators,barbel,bivvy bonkers ..