Wednesday 12 May 2010

Looking Forward to the New Season

Not much to report lately. I've hardly done any fishing since the river season finished in March, just a couple of short sessions ledgering on local still waters and also a couple of morning sessions with lures. I've not got as much enthusiasm with still waters as I have with the river but I'll hopefully get out for a few more trips when the weather eventually warms up! I'm looking forward to the new season on The Trent and planning on targeting a few other species this year besides pike.


Paddy Pike said...

Nice Bream and Jack Pike, Bet your just like me, Cant wait for the season to start up again haha, Well done on your catch though,

Trent Piker said...

Cheers Paddy, not too long now mate

Alex said...

Hey dazz, good'un with the catches,
keep em up just a couple more weeks and the trent will reopen