Thursday 23 September 2010

Summer Update

Not much to report lately. I was planning on having a go at catching a few other types of fish this season but whenever I get the chance for a bit of fishing I can't seem to resist trying for the pike! I've been having quiet a few short sessions with the lure rod but the fishing has been very difficult over the past few weeks with just a few Jacks and perch landed, although I have had a few follows from bigger fish they don't seem very aggressive and turn away at the last moment, very frustrating. There's loads of fry and small fish in the river at the moment so no shortage of food for them, maybe need a bit of a frost to get them angry! but I'll still be out when I can get a few hours spare, flicking the lures around, you never know your luck (won't catch anything sitting at home) and it's nice to be out wandering along the river even if the fish aren't interested. 

Whilst out on my travels over the last few weeks I've been annoyed to find baited fyke or eel nets hidden in the deeper water of The Trent, one with a 2lb eel trapped inside, now back in the river where it belongs. Please keep your eyes open for anything dodgy looking when out fishing such as green string trailing down into the water leading to the sunken nets. Eel stocks are at an all time low and eels are currently under threat from disease, parasitical infestation, poor water quality and not least commercial fishing. It beggars belief that in this day and age the need to catch eels for the pot still exists. 

I have also recently started to find fixed hand lines along The Trent so keep a look out for any braid tied to posts or around rocks leading down into the water, give it a pull up and take them home, this type of fishing is unacceptable and illegal in this country! 

I hope to report back soon with better results!

A Summer Jack
Fyke Nets Pulled Out From The Trent
A Fixed Hand-Line Removed From The Trent


Michael Agneta said...

Good thing you're doing there with the hand lines and traps. Do you have waterways officers you can report these to?

Trent Piker said...

I've reported these incidents to The Environment Agency

If anyone finds anything similar (in the UK) the phone number to report it to is 0800807060

Paddy Pike said...

Well done Daz,
Those traps are a little over the top for poachers, Must be real amatures, And the hand line is a hell of a way to kill a pike, As i think it would drown before anyone came to check the line, Could be people who have just moved to this country, Good work Daz well done,
I dont know why my blog has not shown me when you have posted so i will just check in on you as often as possible,
Regards mate,

Suggsy said...

Well done mate, keep up the good work. Tony - Ashfield Angling Club...