Sunday 2 January 2011

Back into the Swing of Things

No fishing or anything much else has been happening for a while around here due to the Arctic weather we've been shivering through which has frozen all the still waters rock solid for weeks on end, although The Trent has still been flowing and has been fishable, it hasn't seemed very inviting recently and with me also having a bad dose of the flu I've not been fit or felt like I've wanted to venture out far to try and catch a pike.

Not that the temperature has risen above zero and the lakes and ponds are finally thawing, I went out today for my first lure session of the year, it seemed like ages since I was last out and was soon back into the swing of things chucking out a selection of lures into the part frozen pond. After struggling for a take and thinking a blank was on the cards I hit into the first fish of the year, a very welcome lively Jack of about 4lb which was returned straight away to the icy water, no pics. I was glad to be off the mark especially as no one else on the pond had had a sniff of a fish today.

Looking forward to plenty more fishing over the next few weeks!

My Local Pond Frozen Solid


Unknown said...

Anonymous is a Russian thinks!

Trent Piker said...

^^^Gone. Yes comrade Bazzski I've been getting loads of them lately most are automatically caught for approval/deletion but this one slipped through the filter. Maybe they think us pikers look like we need a good visit to sex-paradise HA! ;)

Have you been brave/foolish enough to chuck a line out lately?

I've been out a couple of times since this post, once for a blank on the river when it looked ok and another time to a local pond but it was frozen rock solid so I ended up near Clifton bridge for another cold grim blank. Nobody seems to be catching though; they're putting it down to salt still in the river from all the gritting???

I'm hoping for a couple of short trips out next week, hope things improve by then!

Unknown said...

Yes, went on the river, near gates & long H with Makk & Lure rods, he reckons he had a snatch from a Jack but nothing else for either of us...
Was New Years day as well..HA

dead fisher said...

Hmm... that ice looks inviting. Near my Trent, in Canada, the quality and quantity come through the ice.

Paddy Pike said...

Thats a great picture Daz, COLD but great, Soon be summer mate so keep your spirits up, Or in a bottle when you go fishing in the cold hahaha
Best regards,