Friday 13 May 2011

A Bit of Luck!

I've been out doing quite a few short sessions chucking my lures into various waters lately and have been catching a few pike here and there but they've all been small ones, although I've been grateful to be catching a few there hasn't been any 10lb+ fish worth blogging about, so I was very pleased to catch this chunky beauty today, my best fish in a while! I didn't think I was going to land her because I could see the lure only just knicked in the mouth, looked like it was ready to pull out at any moment with the slightest head shake but it just held firm and dropped out in the net! ...It's about time I had a bit of luck!


Paddy Pike said...

Well happy, Thats a good Pike and Lucky to land it by what you have said Daz, I know it makes your heart Pump a little faster when you see the Lure is only just in the lip,
Top Man,

Paddy Pike said...

All the best for the new Season Daz, I am looking forward to seeing some mighty catches,

Trent Piker said...

Thanks Paddy! I'll try my best HA! I'll be checking your blog regularly and hope to see some kippers. Good luck mate for the new season, hope you get a few good uns :)

Paddy Pike said...

Hahaha Kippers is it hahaha
Nice one Daz LMFAO Hahahaha

Anonymous said...
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