Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Nice Bit of Weed

Back on The Trent again today with my lures and it was hard work trying to tempt a take. I had a couple of half hearted follows but the fish weren't really in an attacking mode, but I stuck it out until I finally had a very gentle take which at first felt like I'd caught onto a piece of soft weed... until it started kicking back.


Flyfisherman. Richard. said...

Just started doing some perch and pike lure fishing on the Trent myself. Water a big too coloured yesterday, should be better in a few days time.

Keep in touch?

Trent Piker said...

I'm the same as you mate, still waiting for the river to drop. Been waiting ages... still waiting Hahaaa

Good luck to you when you do get out!

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